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About Stay@NZ

As its name suggests, Stay@NZ is committed to helping its clients stay in New Zealand. Whether you wish to journey on a short-term sightseeing trip or visit friends and family, study, or live in New Zealand permanently, we're here to help you. Our promise to you is that we will continuously strive to the best of our abilities in order to help you achieve your goal to stay at New Zealand. Our most valuable asset is our expert reputation based on outstanding success on behalf of our clients.

Immigration Expertise

The outstanding success of Stay@NZ to date can be attributed largely to our profound understanding of the law and processes and methodology employed by Immigration New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Category applications in particular rely heavily on a deep understanding of employment law and on lawfully sound employment agreements and appropriately composed job descriptions.

We pride ourselves in our unrelenting dedication to our clients, and feel is this point which differentiates us. We work very hard every step of the way to ensure our clients' applications are a strong as they can possibly be. Our motto: "When our clients succeed, we succeed!."

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