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New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand

Take a Trip to New Zealand

Why New Zealand?

From the extreme, like heli-skiing in the Southern Alps or bungee jumping in Queenstown, to the serene, like witnessing the epic waterfalls and fiords in Milford Sound or spending a day on a warm, sandy beach, New Zealand is the ideal country to holiday in. You'll experience 100% pure fun, 100% pure adventure, 100% pure breathtaking surroundings, 100% pure New Zealand!

Submitting an Application

Individuals can make applications however we strongly recommend you obtain professional advice and support.

What is needed?

  • You need to complete a Visitor's Visa Application (INZ 1017) PDF form and provide all the documents and information associated with the application, some of which are as follows.
  • If you have a partner in New Zealand you will need a form for Partners Supporting Partnership-Based Temporary Entry Applications (INZ 1146) PDF and Visitor Sponsorship Form PDF for your application.
  • If you are studying in New Zealand for more than 12 months you will need a Medical examination and a medical and X-ray certificate for your application. Pregnant women and children under 11 years are not required to submit X-ray certificates unless a special report is required.
  • Obtain a Police Certificate as proof of your good character.

You may require help with completing your application. Contact us for confidential advice.

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